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Pocomos Press relase September 2012.

pocomos by Pocomos / September 2012

PROVO, Utah. In an industry steeped in tradition, some have questioned if pest control can or needs to enter fully into the digital age. Founders of Pocomos software management systems say it is time to pull out the iPads and get on board.

Jeremiah Olsen and Scott Hunter, founders of Pocomos, launched a software management system in September that meets the demands of pest controllers everywhere. Their new software was designed to offer paperless transactions, be simple to use, and to offer complete control over reporting through a versatile and customizable interface.

“Every company pest control company has different needs. Our system provides a cross-platform solution that is mobile and built to be tailored for each individual company that uses it. Our web-based software gives its users the ability to receive live updates on a route or add a service to an existing account from any web-enable device,” Olsen said.

The new software aims to eradicate reams of paper used for contracts and technician routes along with the hours of office employees that would usually create the archaic documents. This not only cuts down on costs, but provides customers with their account information on the Internet where they can pay their bills, request a service, and even get updates on the location of their technician.

Moxie Pest Control implemented a beta version of the management system last summer in their Virginia office.

“We used Pocomos for three months during the summer of 2012. While in use, we estimated an operational savings of $65,821.85 over the course of a year resulting from using Pocomos compared to our old system,” said Tim Headrick, Owner of Moxie Pest Control Virginia.

Beyond its ability to contribute to the bottom line, the Pocomos platform breaks down reporting to a granular level. A user can decide to run an analysis by zip code, technician, type of treatment administered, or any other cross section desired. Once a user determines the type of reporting desired, that report can be turned into a widget that will push live updates right to your mobile device.

Olsen and Hunter designed Pocomos from the ground up after years of using out-of-date systems that were inflexible, difficult to use and expensive. The two spent over three years researching how companies use their management systems and the problems they face with them.

“Everything about Pocomos was built for the users, both the customer and the administrator,” said Hunter.

“We had already been looking for a better system when we found Pocomos. Pocomos provides a simple and user-friendly approach to complex problems that other systems seem unable or unwilling to solve.”

About Pocomos Pocomos is a software management company was officially launched as of September 2012. It is based in Provo, Utah where its owners Jeremiah Olsen and Scott Hunter reside.

Pocomos Press release April 2013.

pocomos by Pocomos / April 2013

PROVO, Utah.

Where does a pest control company lose money? Does it come from ill-advised routes swirling endlessly through slow neighborhood roads? Does it come from spilled, lost, or stolen chemicals? Does it come from employees wasting time?

If you asked the founders of Pocomos, they would answer with a resounding yes. However, they would continue to tell you that in an industry so focused operations, an important key is often forgotten. Pest control companies must have tight operations to survive, but to thrive, companies must focus on sales and retention.

The founders of Pocomos pest control software would go on to say they just released a new sales and retention utility.

“Pocomos comes loaded with tools that increase sales and decrease customer attrition,” says Pocomos co-founder Jeremiah Olsen.

Pocomos’ new sales utility provides cloud-based sales tracking, closing rates, and lead information to sales staff. Users can track their sales progress against other staff in their office, other offices, company averages, and their own personal goals.

“We know that what you track, you increase, and when that tracking is measured against others in a friendly competition, the rate of growth accelerates,” said Olsen.

Beyond its ability to increase sales and provide sales tools, Pocomos provides its users with a cloud-based experience across all platforms. Salespeople, office staff, and management can collaborate simultaneously from Macs, Windows, iPads, Androids, and other platforms.

“Having live sales information increases motivation for our sales reps. Pocomos’ sales tracking tools increase competition among sellers, which increases our total sales. With Pocomos’ mobile capabilities, new customers don’t get lost, we retain serviced accounts, and our bottom line goes up,” said Chip White, owner of White Knight Pest Control of Texas.

The developers from Pocomos who designed the sales utility said the new sales tools are user-oriented, easy to figure out, and powerful.

“We wanted to create a system that people would actually use to increase sales, “ said Scott Hunter, lead project manager from Pocomos.

Pocomos offers free online trials of their sales utility by visiting www.pocomos.net or calling 801-900-3555. In addition to sales software, Pocomos provides enterprise level operations software.

About Pocomos Pocomos was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah where its founders reside.