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Pest Control Technology To Scale Your Business

pest control technology to grow your business by Pocomos / October 12, 2015

Running a business requires you to be in two (or ten) places at once. Allow us to take care of some simple day-to-day tasks and let you focus on growing your business. One of the most important aspects of scaling a business is having the ability to work on your business rather than in your business. Pest control software works inside your business providing the technology you need to automate processes, simplify tasks, and streamline procedures. This gives you more time to be laser focused working on growing your business.

Cloud-Based Software

A cloud-based system allows you to work from anywhere and send information instantly to other members of your team. Switching from a system that keeps you tied to your desktop allows you to work remotely, be where you need to be, and still stay on top of important company information. This also is a proactive approach to server problems and expensive technology equipment. Cloud-based systems have everything you need and the ability to keep up with your growing business.

Keep Up With Customers

Digital-age customers require instant information and convenient service. Most customers are simply unwilling to talk on the phone, wait for a price quote, or call in to schedule a service. Pest control software offers a myriad of options to engage instantly with new and potential customers in a convenient way that works for them and gives you more time in your day. Give your customers access to pay their bill online, view upcoming offers, view their account information, change their payment method, view frequently asked questions, or request a new service date.

Information is Power

Gain access at the click of a button with automated reporting. This feature allows you to know the ins and outs of your company instantly and with up-to-date information. Gain insight that will help you scale your business, hone your advertising, and see what is effective in your area. Evaluate technician production, revenue sources, budgets, sales, and customer retention. Create charts and graphs to represent your data and make it easy for your sales team to target new customers or your technicians to increase productivity. Customizable reporting can run in the background every day, allowing you to travel or work anywhere and get the information you need instantly from any device.

Strengthen Communications

Streamline all your communication with automated voice and text reminders. Scheduled emails, and other simple ways to keep in touch with your customers without spending all your time behind a desk. Keep in touch with your customers automatically to confirm service and let them know about upcoming specials. You can also use pest control software to keep in touch with your own employees. A strong team is key to scaling your business, use the software to track technicians, follow-up with sales, and keep everyone on the same page throughout the day.

Be Public

Successful businesses are household names that everybody knows. A pest control software is just one of the ways you can display your public profile. Show your customers who you are and what you are all about. Spread the word about your leader, founder, story, etc. This makes you more personable to your customers and more memorable to others.