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Paperless pest control software.

paperless office by Pocomos / Feb 12, 2016

"How does it benefit my business?"

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The sunk cost fallacy.

sunk costs by Pocomos / January 29, 2016

"And how to avoid it."

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What is the virtual office?

grow your business with pest control technology by Pocomos / January 20, 2016

"And HOW can I get one?"

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Wearing multiple hats in pest control.

grow your business with pest control technology by Pocomos / January 8, 2016

"Being an effective leader and manager in the pest control industry requres that you perform more than one job, and in many cases, all of them."

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Pest Control Technology To Scale Your Business

grow your business with pest control technology by Pocomos / October 12, 2015

"Running a business requires you to be in two (or ten) places at once. Allow us to take care of some simple day-to-day tasks and let you focus on growing your business"

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10 Benefits of Web Based Pest Control Software

mobile pest control technology by Pocomos / October 2, 2015

"Any highly specialized field requires highly specialized software that understands the nature of the business."

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Mobile Pest Control Software Is a Modern Day Must

mobile pest control by Pocomos / September 23, 2015

"What do family pictures, stock prices, a business meeting, grocery list, and the weather report all have in common?"

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Need an upgrade?

breakupletter by Pocomos / July 27, 2015

"Need a pest control software upgrade? Finding it hard to make the switch? We can help."

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Find out how to run a sales program.

salesman by Pocomos / March 20, 2015

When setting out to build a sales program/team, the first step is to define. Define your goals for your sales team, define where they will be working, who they will be targeting, what a successful team looks like, what you will pay them (ULTRA important!), and define your hiring plan.

The more time you spend defining and planning, the better, and your salespeople will fall right into your plan.

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Some customers you do not want. Trust me.

badcustomer by Pocomos / November 21, 2014

"It's just leaving money on the table!"

Those were the words of my business partner. We ran a home services company that included pest control, window cleaning, walking the dog, cleaning gutters, waxing the car, hanging lights, and whatever my partner could convince anyone to give us money for. I found myself perilously hanging from rooftop gables, fighting giant black widows in crawlspaces, and risking my life for what I thought was enough money to get an early retirement.

Turns out I was wrong, not about the risking my life part, but the money part. Sure, our customers gave us money, but we barely had enough to cover our expenses. Why? I could not believe our accounting numbers from the previous quarter. We took on enough business to warrant hiring three more techs. We never turned a customer away. We took money from anyone willing to give it to us. Why then were we barely treading water?

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