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Paperless pest control.

paperless by Pocomos / February 12, 2016

Going paperlss in pest control. Never a better time than now.


As a way to go green, save on costs, promote professionalism, and increase efficiencies; many pest control companies are trying to go paperless. Some have made the jump. Others are reluctant, or simply cannot because of roadblocks set by state legislature.

One major barrier to paperless pest control is that certain states mandate PCO’s keep hard copies of records and reports. Other states say you must simply be able to provide these records if and when they are needed. What will it take to update outdated state laws nationwide, so that all pest control companies can go paperless? With the progression of technology, and efforts on Capitol Hill, a paperless scenario is looking more and more like a reality.


The benefits of going paperless are almost too many to count. Here are a few highlights:

Increase Efficiencies- Going paperless not only saves a lot of time, but can also improve efficiencies. Time savings come from reducing the redundancy of work, meaning only doing something once. At first, a few minutes a day may seem trivial, but look at the actual data. In a pest control office with 5,000 active quarterly customers, nearly 8000 minutes can be saved each day across the company. Over the course of a year, that’s almost 50,000 hours!

Save On Costs- Studies show, reducing paper by 60 percent results in an average savings per employee of $360. You also eliminate the costs of storing treatment records. The time savings and improved efficiencies alone can save a pest control company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on your techs hourly wage. Organization- Paperless efforts help to reduce office clutter in your office. It’s a lot easier to find a record with the click of a mouse, versus digging through boxes or filing cabinets of paper.

Promotes Professionalism- The appearance of using up-to-date technologies, like those needed for paperless pest control, gives customers the perception that you’re up-to-date on all of the latest pesticides and pest control techniques. It’s good business!

Helps Save Planet- Reducing the use of paper by 60 percent eliminates 200 pounds of greenhouse gas annually. Like I mentioned before, one tech going paperless can save one tree a year.

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