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How many hats do you wear in pest control?

pest control software by Pocomos / January 8, 2016

Gainfully Employed vs Self-employed

Have you given in to the temptation to take off the safe and secure helmet of the gainfully employed in exchange for the alluring, stylish hat of the self-employed? If so, you have probably quickly learned that as you took off that helmet, you are now fully exposed to the hits, bumps, bruises, and concussions of the game of business. You have also probably quickly learned that the hat you have chosen isn’t perfectly tailored for your head and one you can take off when and where you want. It is more of a holographic hat that changes from CEO to customer relation manager, marketer, salesperson, graphic designer, HR manager, accountant, file clerk, bookkeeper, and back depending on the angle you look at it.

Can I ever take off this hat?

You have probably also noticed that you don’t put your hat on at 9 am when you show up to the office and take it off and hang it on the hat rack when you walk in the front door around 5:30 in the evening. You don’t set it on the table next to you when you take a lunch break. You don’t set it at your bedside table when you finally get to rest at night. Rather, it’s already on your head first thing in the morning when you first open your eyes. You wear it at lunch. It’s tightly on when you walk in the door when you get home in the evening. You wear it in the shower at night. It is your nightcap when you fall asleep. It is even sometimes the hat you wear as you explore the corridors of your subconscious mind at night.


Do you regret your decision to leave behind the helmet and to sport this new hat everywhere you go? Probably not, but you have probably taken enough hits and are starting to grow tired of the headaches, confusion, numbness, decreased coordination, slurred speech, and agitation that come from repeat concussions.

How to stop the concussions

Pocomos is here to put a stop to the concussions and brain damage and to be your hat rack.

  1. Pocomos’ powerful and easy to use CRM will wear the hat for a good portion of your secretarial needs—automatically send invoices, reminders, collect payment, optimize your technicians’ routes, and much more.
  2. Pocomos’ in-house marketing team will wear the hat for a good portion of your online marketing needs—build and promote your local business listing to get you more customers from online searches.
  3. Pocomos’ Virtual Office will wear the hat for most of your office manager needs from 7 am to 11 pm weekdays and 10 am to 8 pm on the weekend—answer inbound calls for new and current customers, build your routes, remind your customers of upcoming services, and do initial collections.

Enjoy business ownership, get your life back, rest peacefully, do what you do best, and let Pocomos do the rest. Visit us at or call us at 801-900-3555 to learn how Pocomos puts the joy back into business ownership.